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Ghost of Turtle Island, Master of the Sky

Photo of a Florida Box Turtle (Terrapene carol...

Photo of a Florida Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina bauri). Taken in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turtle Island came sailing through the Milky Way to Earth, here to make a final claim as to what was truly his. Flaming Arrow has lived on Turtle Island, even before it separated from the Earth, a millennia ago.

Chief Flaming Arrow decided to stay rooted on the turtle’s back, so he built himself a home, and that’s where he has been for almost a thousand years.

“The Day of the Dog is when Turtle Island will lay claim to earth, and there is nothing I can do to stop what has been coming for so long. The Earth’s inhabitants, I hope, will change their ways, for because of them, they’ve all but killed the lush, green planet.

“Turtle Island has returned to remove the contamination of the former, polluted Planet; transforming it into the beautiful, green place it should be; man must change in order for the great Mother Earth, the Soul of the Galaxy, to flourish once, again.”

Chief Flaming Arrow stared into the starry Sky; the bright, circling light of the Milky Way, was filled as Turtle Island floated nearer.

There’d be no stopping Turtle Island from succeeding its claim for power over the Earth.

“He’s been here before animal or man. He’ll take back the world; he’s the only one who can. Earth melding into one great Turtle Island.”

Chief Flaming Arrow cheered the gliding turtle through the atmosphere; now… “Thanks to Great Spirit: heres to New Earth.”