Live Life Like A Song

Live life like a song; there is no way you can go wrong.

Music has been around, for, oh, so long.

It weighs heavy on a weak heart, and makes it strong.

The sound of the Guitar is so heavenly and sweet.

Listen to the sound of the drums, keeping the beat.

Everyone should live their life like a song; oh, what a treat.

A song will live in the heart, and never miss a beat.

Whether it is Heavy Metal, or a song that’s simple and sweet.

I love my Country Music, and Southern Rock, too.

The Music is strong for the soul, and the Lyrics ring true.

I listen to Blake Shelton, and Lynyrd Skynard too.

They made great songs like Ole Red, and I Been Your Fool.

I live life like a song. I’m a musician, and I play Guitar, too.

I love the songs I know were written from the heart.

I love a song that will make one cry; right from the start.

I love songs that are requested, for a true, dear friend.

I live life like a song, and I’ll love music until the end.

Live life like a song; it’s what helps this world mend.

JD Couch (2-20-2013) edited by JA Wayahowl, (2-24-2013)


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